LeadershipLATINO Curriculum Components

Three Focus Areas:

Grassroots Activism, Professional Politics, and Elected Officials

Grassroots Activist Curriculum

Icon-Activist_0.5x.pngReady to Help?

Starting at the beginning, learn the importance of getting involved at the grassroots level. This session will show you where you can plug in to make the most of your volunteer time. You will leave with ideas of who to contact and how you might engage with local campaigns or elected official’s office.

Election Day 101

No election will be successful without voters! You will learn how to help someone look up their voter registration status, where to find voter registration deadlines for upcoming elections, how to access a voter registration form and where to turn it in. This session will also teach you how to rally your friends and family to the polls on election day! What will they need to vote, where they vote and what to do if they have a problem while voting. One of the best ways to help locally is by becoming an election worker! You will learn who to contact about helping with elections, what the training will be, how much can you expect to be paid for your time, where to take an online training class and what to expect on a typical election day! This session will focus on the ways you can get involved in your community.

Leading Locally

The local precinct chair is a very important component of local politics. This session will teach you the role of a precinct chair, how you can become involved in that process, what a precinct chair does and the party structure in your local area.

Political Professional Curriculum

Icon-Political-Professional.pngLove Politics But Not Ready To Run?

You don’t have to be an elected official to have a voice in Texas politics. In this session we will examine the various political career opportunities working for an elected official or on the campaign trail. Both situations will involve decision makers, strategists, data experts, finance and compliance officers, fundraisers and media consultants. We will discuss networking opportunities to find these jobs, the skills needed to be successful and the need for more Latinos in these roles.

Strategy and Statistics

This session will focus on the decision makers and how they make them! We will discuss data collection methods and how to analyze the numbers. Learn how strategists manage an office or campaign juggling data, schedules, decisions, message, volunteers and staff. A political professional will share what the role is like and the day to day operations of a busy political office.

The FUN of fundraising

Whether a campaign or an elected official’s office, all will require money and therefore a fundraiser! In this session we will discuss the three main types of fundraising: events, phone calls and direct mail. You will learn how much money you will need, outlining a plan to get there and how to successfully reach that number!, You will leave with event checklists, scripts for making phone calls and ideas for direct mail campaigns.

Constant Compliance

Now that you’ve raised the money, be sure you’ve reported it correctly! This session will be led by an expert in the field of campaign finance laws and required compliance reporting . We will examine the requirements involved, the importance of a treasurer, best practices and the required forms.

Media Message

This session will focus on the message you want to convey and how to get that word out. We will learn the steps to crafting your ideas into a concise message that will stand out among others. Learn about the best ways to reach your audience using social media as well as digital, print and cable advertising.

Elected Officials Curriculum

Icon-Elected-Officials.pngReady to Run?

First things first! Learn from veteran campaigner Orlando Sanchez! Orlando will discuss the first steps in deciding what office is best for you, organizing a campaign, and gathering the support you will need to be successful. Understand why it is important to increase the Latino voice in the politics of Texas and how you can make a difference. You will leave with all the knowledge and wisdom you need to begin!

Campaign 2020

What is it like to start a campaign with no staff and no budget? In this session you will learn what day to day life looks like on your first campaign. Hear how to run a one person staff and do all the jobs yourself!

We will examine strategies for campaigning in the electronic age, how to reach and involve younger voters and practical ideas to get started.

Integrating Integrity

Politics can get messy! In this session we will discuss the pitfalls of political life and how to avoid them.

Learn practical tips on how to navigate the sometimes tricky world of politics. We will examine the required ethical requirements reporting, campaign contributions and maintaining your own integrity throughout the process.

Dress for Success

You’ve decided to run, you know all the facts, now it's time to look the part! You will always project the right image when you follow these steps to looking your best. In this session we will learn the principles of what to wear when campaigning whether it’s your first on camera interview or a neighborhood cleanup! What is the difference between business casual and casual dressy? You will leave knowing exactly what to wear to a lunch with potential donors, speaking engagements, town hall forums, headshots and family portraits to use in print ads.

Lights, Camera Action!

In this session we will learn all the important aspects of speaking in public. Successful speeches are personal, well-crafted and inspirational! You will hear the practical steps in forming your message and delivering it with confidence. We will address formal speeches as well as answering questions from reporters and potential voters! Each participant will have the opportunity to record a short speech and receive immediate feedback from our experts.